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The reason our church exist is to love God and love others. The events listed below are designed to help us love on our community and give us an opportunity to share the good news of Jesus Christ.


Spiritual Disciplines

Join Pastor Kris on Sunday Nights to help you with Spiritual Disciplines of the Christian Faith.

Sunday Nights from 6:00 PM-7:00 PM
Worship Center

WHO IS YOUR ONE? Do you know one person who is far from God? Do you have one person for whom you are praying and with whom you are seeking to share the gospel? That is the intention of our WHO'S YOUR ONE? REVIVAL

Our church will prioritize personal ownership of the Great Commission and intentionally pursue one person with the hope of the gospel. We all can take responsibility for one. Through God's power and the work of the Spirit and our obedience, we can help grow God's Kingdom! #WhosYour1


1)  Pray first: Ask God to reveal who your one ought to be. IDENTIFY

2)  Pray: Don’t just pray about them, but really pray for your one. INTERCEDE

3)  Create connection points for relationship building with your one. INVESTMENTS

4)   Look for opportunities to have spiritual conversations with your one.INTENTIONALITY

5)   Make an effort to share the gospel with your one. INVITATION

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