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Helpful Links

  Southern Baptist Ministries and Organizations

Southern Baptist Convention ( ) 
International partnership of Southern Baptist churches.


Florida Baptist Convention ( ) 
Partnership of Southern Baptist churches within Florida.


Harmony Baptist Association ( ) 
Partnership of Southern Baptist churches in the north-central Florida region.


North American Missions Board ( ) 
The mission agency supported by Southern Baptist churches with the goal of sharing the Gospel inside the United States. This site features a number of great resources such as the 'belief bulletins' containing basic information on other denominations, religions and cults.


International Missions Board ( )

The mission agency supported by Southern Baptist churches with the goal of sharing the Gospel outside the United States. 


  Other Ministries and Organizations

Bible Centre ( )

Extensive online library of commentaries as well as reference and theology works.


Bible Research ( ) 
Features detailed information on the formation of the Bible with the Hebrew Old Testament and Greek New Testament online.


Campus Crusade for Christ ( ) 
One of the largest non-denominational ministries in the world with an emphasis on college campus ministries. CCC is the parent ministry of several other ministries including Athletes in Action , Family Life and the Jesus Film .


Christian Book Distributers ( ) 
Comprehensive, affordable online Christian bookstore.


CPYU Center for Parent/Youth Understanding (

Helping parents, youth workers, educators, pastors and others understand and reach today's youth culture


Crosswalk ( ) 
A fantastic site full of articles and, perhaps, some of the best FREE online Bible study tools on the net.


E-Sword ( ) 
FREE downloadable Bible software.


Family Life ( ) 
Ministry founded by Dennis and Barbara Rainey centered on strengthening marriages and families. Several free articles to read as well as resources to purchase.


Fellowship of Christian Athletes ) 
Sports ministry primarily dedicated to high school students.


Focus on the Family ( ) 
Ministry founded by Dr. James Dobson dedicated to building strong homes.


Group Publishing ) 
Plenty of Bible study materials for small groups, churches and families.


Intervarsity Christian Fellowship ( ) 
Ministry targeted toward college students.


Leadership University ( ) 
Great resource for scholarly articles on a variety of Biblical, scientific and social issues.


Lifeway Resources ( ) 
Online resources and store.


OnePlace ( ) 
Great site allowing you to listen to archived programs from many outstanding Christian radio ministries.


Outreach ( ) 
Source for church outreach tools.


Peacemaker Ministries ( ) 
Information, articles and training on conflict resolution in the church, the community and the family as well as information on legal issues facing the church.


Plugged In Online (

Plugged In is the entertainment guide your family needs to make family appropriate decisions through movie reviews, book reviews, TV reviews, and more. ( FREE Video Answers to Life's Hard Questions

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